I love this community

This area helped raise me and my children. I attended North Little Rock Montessori School and then Indian Hills and Pine Elementary before going to Lakewood Jr. High and graduating from Northeast High School in 1985.

I want to give back and also help preserve the wonderful way of life we enjoy here.

Mayor Wing (center w tall tophat) Teddy Roosevelt to the right of center) also William Jennings Bryan to the far right

We have a favorite photo in the Wing family. It is of my great-grandfather who was the Mayor of Tampa, Florida standing with Teddy Roosevelt. I’ve always been proud of his willingness to serve his community. He worked hard to keep politics clean and foster economic growth in his city. I will work my hardest to keep those same ideals.

A new approach to politics

Let me set the tone of this campaign very early. I believe we work best when we work together. My experience as a sportscaster taught me much about teamwork. Great teams work together and accomplish much more than those who won’t. I believe our Legislature should operate the same way. We have to work together as a team, no matter what side of the aisle, to achieve what is best for the people of our great state. Our constituents expect positive action.
Our constituents have a right to demand positive action.
Too many people are sitting on the political sidelines turned off by seemingly endless bickering and namecalling. We are better than that.

Listen first, then speak

There is much to be learned by listening. We don’t always have to agree, but we can almost always learn something by listening, especially to those with a different point of view.
I promise to listen to your needs and then act on them.

My promise to you

-I will be an active participant representing you
-I will study every bill
-I will be available to you: to listen, to learn, and to act in your behalf
-I will work with our other legislators to get things done