The 91st General Assembly 2017 Regular Session is complete. We are preparing for the Fiscal Session which begins in February.
The most frequent question I am asked is “What is it like?”
My answer: “You can be proud of your Legislature. The bitter politics you read about elsewhere are rare here in Arkansas. Sure, we have debate and we sometimes disagree, but we respect each other and each other’s opinions. We shake hands after a tough vote and get back to doing the people’s work.”
I am honored to be among 100 hardworking men and women of your Arkansas House of Representatives.

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Learn about the Arkansas Legislature and the process of legislation.
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PlaceholderHow an idea becomes a Law!

The journey of an idea

Click for a step-by-step process of an actual Bill Representative Wing proposed and follow it through the House of Representatives.

PlaceholderMy Promise

Rep. Wing’s promise to you


The 2017 Legislative Session produced 2069 bills. This total is just 7 bills larger
than the 2015 Session which was the lowest total since 1997.

We are preparing for the Fiscal Session of 2018. This begins February 12th. By law it can only last for 30 days unless a 3/4’s vote enables it to extend to 45.

Representative Wing serves on the following committees…
-House Rules
-Aging, Children and Youth, Legislative and Military Affairs
-1st Alternate for Arkansas Legislative Council
Rep. Wing is the Chairman of the Legislative and Military Affairs Subcommittee.

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Address 2513 McCain Blvd # 208, North Little Rock, AR 72116


Carlton Wing's Legislation

Flip card for a list of Sponsored and Co-sponsored bills.

91st Arkansas Legislative Assembly

January 9th
April 4th, 2017

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Meet your Arkansas Legislature

The 91st Legislative Assembly is filled with men and women from all parts of the state... 100 Members of the House of Representatives and 35 Senators.

1/100th of 1/2 of 1/3rd

These are the fractions of government. As a member of the House, I am 1/100th of 1 half (House and Senate) of 1/3rd (Legislative, Executive, Judicial) of our State system.

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